What countries do you ship to? Where are Dibo Bodi Customers?

What countries do you ship to? Where are Dibo Bodi Customers?

The growth of Dibo Bodi since we started up in 2021 has been truly amazing. This has been 100% based on the support we have received through online communities on TikTok and Instagram. In fact, we have not spent any money on advertising!

One of the questions we get asked again and again is “what countries can you ship to?” In truth, we don't really know until we try! But, now that we’ve been around for more than a year we have tried a lot, so we have some experience!

So far we have shipped more than 3,500 orders to 45 different countries from The United States, to Iceland and Bahrain! I’ve included them in the list below so you can search to see if we have experience shipping to your country. If your country isn’t on the list below, it does not mean we can’t ship to you. It just means that we haven’t yet, and we'd love to color in more of the map!

Note: We have removed Romania from the list as customers in Romania reported having to pay high customs charges to collet their packages

Australia Germany Norway
Austria Iceland Philippines
Bahrain Ireland Poland
Belgium Israel Portugal
Brazil Italy Qatar
Bulgaria Japan Saudi Arabia
Canada Kuwait Singapore
Chile Liechtenstein South Korea
Colombia Lithuania Spain
Cyprus Maldives Sweden
Czech Republic Malta Switzerland
Denmark Mauritius Taiwan
Dominican Republic Mexico United Arab Emirates
Finland Netherlands United Kingdom
France New Zealand United States


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