Strapless corset vest halter neck corset

Strapless, halter or vest? Which corset design is for you?

Some people love all three. But what are the pros and cons for each of the three main corset designs Dibo Bodi make?

Strapless corsets are bold. It’s ready made party wear. You can tone them down with sleeves or a bolero if you want. And you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. Pair with jeans or short skirts for a more casual look, or with pants or long skirts for special occasions.

Corset vests are more modest. They offer more cover and support than a strapless corset but are better for showing off cleavage. You can pair these with pretty much anything, you can even wear a long sleeve shirt or shirt dress.

Halterneck corsets generally the most conservative cut. These are great for Spring and Summer as the lower open back makes them cooler to wear in warmer weather. 

Of course there are heaps of other variants too, from underbust and corset belts to peplums and corset dresses. The great thing about all of the Dibo Bodi designs is that they are flexible in terms of fit. The fabric behind the lacing gives you plenty of room to loosen or tighten depending on the day.

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