One Piece Jamapnese manga anime corset

New Japanese Anime corsets

Anime corsets look amazing! From a distance it looks like to are wearing a funky pattern, but as you get closer you can see that the pattern is made from pictures. The newspaper corsets proved that corsets you can read are super popular. Anime corsets takes it to the next level! It’s not just fashion, its a discussion piece.

We’re not suggesting the story lines are easy to follow once the fabric is cut and sewn, but they do draw a crowd! Some people will see the pictures and ask a bunch of questions. Others will recognise the characters and then every now and then someone who reads Japanese will want to talk about what is going on in the cells they can read.

So whether you are attracted because you are an anime or manga fan, because you love the look, or just because you love wearing something different that will spark a conversation, these corsets are a great choice.

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I need some more onepiece corsets pls.

Anika Nayani

They were there but you had to be quick as they sold out. Search “Demon” using the search function on the website. We are waiting for more fabric to arrive!!!

Dibo Bodi

I was promised Demon Slayer corsets and I can’t see them! I MUST HAVE! Please :)

Lotte Douglas Sinclair

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