The Little Heart Maid Dress

The Little Heart Maid Dress

This dress went a crazy viral! It is super cute and sweet with the little hearts and red contrast stitches, but let's face it, you have to be a bit fun to wear something like this!

This dress is inspired by lingerie with suspenders and by the Kawaii aesthetic: a "cute", "tiny", or "lovable" subculture of Japanese fashion that incorporates frills hearts, bows, and layers of lace and trimmings. But there’s also a little bit of Bavarian barmaid in there too.

I love the small heart print, as it has a subtle girly vibe. We’ve layered the skirt and added the pleats to the underlayer like it’s a petty coat. The leg suspenders are purely for show and do not serve any function, they are there to point out the superfluous details of Kawaii fashion.

Corset under-busts are traditionally worn as undergarments, but we have brought them to the top of the outfit, wearing them like they are pinafores. This little heart underbust corset dress is an amalgamation of street-wear, under-wear, and cosplay.

Since we shared this design there has been a backlog of orders to fill, with orders outstripping fabric supply every week. We’re working on getting more reliable volumes of this fabric because we’re sure this design will be a winner right through to Valentine’s Day in February 2023.

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Hi, desperate to know wether you’ll bring this dress back in to stock


Hi there!
Just wondering if the heart underbust corset dress will ever be coming back in stock. Or something similar?
Thank you!


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